Cleaner Screens for a Cleaner Life

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In 2020, we are using more technology than ever. Let’s face it, since the pandemic hit, the way we interact with people has gone almost completely digital. It was walking the line before, but now it’s become so much more a part of our lives. Changing our health habits is extremely important during the pandemic. Since we’re using our technology so much, we need to be cleaning our screens as well.

Our screens are the epicenter of germs on the hand to germs on our phones, computers, TV’s, tablets and more. One thing that is also important is to remember to clean our screens after using them. It only takes a quick swipe of a Microfiber Towel.

Good Hygiene and Smudge-Free Screens

Since the colder weather is approaching in the Northern states, it’s important to wash our hands, keep clean home, and always take care of ourselves. Hand sanitizer will come in handy, especially if you want to keep germs from traveling from your hands to other surfaces like your screens. They are perfect for on the go when soap and water are not readily available.

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Hands and Screens

  •  Prevent Germs from Spreading
  • Keep Screen Clear of Smudges and Dust
  • Prevent Scratches
  • On the Go Hand Cleaner
  • Prevent from Getting Sick

 Using Screens More Often Than Not

Since we have really embraced technology and the internet to get things done such as working, going to school, and entertaining ourselves, it’s always important to be cleaning and preventing germs from spreading. We are constantly touching materials outside of our homes, which means we have the possibility of bringing those home. When we take precautions by using hand sanitizer on the go and cleaning our screens which we use every day, we help ourselves and others stay healthy.

If you’re searching for something to clean your screens and sanitize your hands on the go, contact Sponge Outlet at 877-776-6430 today or visit us online for more information!




Keep Hand Sanitizer in Your Home for the Winter Months

Hand sanitizer for home use

As we approach the winter months, we’d like to make sure you understand the benefits of keeping hand sanitizer in your home for extra sanitization and cleanliness. The COVID-19 Pandemic is still among us, which means the winter season will bring all sorts of sicknesses. To protect and prevent against all viruses and germs, make sure you have hand sanitizer for you and your family.

The Benefits of Hand Sanitizer

At Sponge Outlet, we provide a variety of cleaning supplies for your home and office space. We can provide you with hand sanitizer that will help prevent and kill germs during the seasons where most people get sick.

  • On the Go Germ Killer
  • Helps to Keep Your Hands Clean and Germ Free
  • Stops the spread of germs to others
  • Portable for All situations
  • Less Risk for Disease

You won’t always have access to a bathroom where you can thoroughly wash your hands to kill those germs, which is why hand sanitizer helps. It is much quicker than washing your hands, and it gives you the opportunity to sanitize your hands when you’re out and about. You protect yourself from the chances of catching diseases on your hands throughout the day.

Why Choose Sponge Outlet for Your Cleaning Supplies?

Coming from an area where cold weather brings germs, we understand the importance and need of a clean-living space. We can provide you with a wide variety of cleaning products, as well as hand sanitizer to make sure you and your family stay clean this winter season. Contact Sponge Outlet at 877-776-6430 today or visit us online for more information!


Cleaning Your Desk for Home Use

cleaning desk with microfiber towel

Working from home can be very convenient when you have time to be alone in your own home office. The key to getting work done is to keep your desk clean and organized, so it doesn’t give you any anxiety or stress during the work week.  At the end of a long day, it can be easy to get up and leave work without cleaning up the space in front of you. It’s recommended to clean up your desk even after you work to eliminate germs, dust, and other particles.

Eating at Your Desk

We all eat at our desks on occasion, especially if we’re in work mode and don’t feel like stepping away to take a break from the work. If you’re done drinking that cup of coffee, rinse out the mug. If you’re done eating the food in that bowl, get rid of it. Make sure to get rid of your food or scraps after you are done. Clean up the space.

  • Purchase an eraser sponge, a good cleaning solution, clear your desk completely off, and wipe it down. This will help ensure that dust, grime, crumbs, and germs are eliminated.

Remove the Dust

You want to protect your technology from dust settling in. You can easily wipe down a computer or laptop with a microfiber towel. It won’t scratch the screen and it won’t leave behind small particles.

Reorganizing the Desk

After a successful day of working from home, it’s important to reorganize your workspace to get it ready for the next day. We tend to keep things “just in case” but if you haven’t used that memo pad in four years, you probably don’t have a purpose for it.

Sponge Outlet

Sponge Outlet provides cleaning products for all of your needs. If you’re in need of natural cleaning products to help clean your desk at home efficiently and accurately before the next day, contact Sponge Outlet at 877-776-6430 today to get more information on our cleaning products!


Keeping Your Desk and Keyboard Clean

clean desk

They say that the one place that you spend more time at then home is at work at your desk.

Think about it; you are there for eight or more hours per day. With this being said, keeping your desk clean is generally not the highest priority.

Chances are there are some very dusty corners, crumbs stuck in your keyboard or stains from last week’s coffee that spilled.

If you don’t have one in place already, we at SpongeOutlet recommend putting together a cleaning regiment to help keep your area nice and tidy each week.

Here are a few of the easiest things that you can do to help keep your area clean and yourself healthy.

First things first, establish an easy to follow schedule to clean your office cubical once a month at a minimum. Obviously if you have a major spill, don’t sit on it until the 1st of the month.

Begin by cleaning the dust from everything. Dust loves to settle on electronics, so clean those items first. For your computer screen, reach for one of Sponge Outlets Microfiber Cloths.

  • It will be able to clean off this sensitive area without leaving a scratch like a normal towel would.

Once you have cleaned your electronics off, try to tackle your desk next. Order a pack of our Eraser Sponges to begin cleaning with confidence that you will get all the grime off of your desk.

Our sponges will not leave residue from cleaning chemicals on your desk, like other wipes you have used in the past did.

A clean desk leads to a happy and more productive environment. Keep your area clean with the simple ideas above.

They will take barely any time and will make your work space a much more comfortable area to spend time in.

Looking to get your whole office clean? Order from Sponge Outlet in bulk to save!

Keeping the Dirtiest Places in Your Office Clean

cleaning an office refrigerator with magic eraserStand up from your desk, take a step out the door of your office and take a look around.

If you had to guess, what surfaces would you name the dirtiest in your workplace?

According to Heath Central, it isn’t the bathroom that harbors the most germs; instead, it is the kitchen and break room.

And with the following places ranked as some of the dirtiest in the office, you are probably wondering what you can do to create a healthier, more positive workplace for your entire team.

  • Break Room Faucet Handles
  • Microwave Door Handles
  • Refrigerator Door Handles
  • Water Fountain Buttons
  • Vending Machine Buttons

Stock Up Your Supplies

For starters, we recommend stocking up on your core cleaning supplies.

Keep a cupboard or shelf stocked with everything you need to wipe down counters, faucets, handles and other surfaces to ensure that you have everything you need for quick and efficient daily cleanings.

cleaning a sink with a magic eraserMake a Cleaning Schedule

If your company does not employ a professional cleaning company to visit on a nightly basis, you may also want to make a cleaning schedule.

  • Take time out of your morning to wipe down the above surfaces every day or have the duties rotate between staff members.

The tactic is especially helpful for small businesses who are already handling all their own cleaning needs.

cleaning office iwth eraser sponge

Replace Your Sponges Frequently

As you are cleaning your kitchen and break room, don’t forget that the sponge in your hand can’t be used forever.

  • After a few uses your traditional kitchen sponges can be coated in bacteria. has an array of tips you should follow to maintain a healthy kitchen, reminding you to throw out a sponge after two or three uses.

For high quality Eraser Sponges that are tough on dirt, grit and grime without compromising the surfaces around your office kitchen, shop with SpongeOutlet online.

Kitchen Cleaning Advice for Your Office

office cafeteria

The office kitchen can be a frightening place.

From the moldy sandwich in the back of the refrigerator to the microwave covered in other people’s food splatter, there are a few unpleasant sights you are bound to see.

But luckily, with a few quick tips and the right cleaning supplies, you can ensure everyone in your building has a clean place to enjoy their lunch breaks.

Label Your Food

While no one wants to think that their coworkers will take food that isn’t theirs, accidents do happen.

Make sure that no one mistakes your sandwich or Tupperware for their own by labeling all the items you put in the office refrigerator.

  • You can also invest in a reusable lunch box or bag to keep all of your food in one labeled place.

Invest in a Microwave Cover

Keep splatters at bay with a cover for food that needs reheating in the microwave.

  • There are reusable plastic covers available that can be left on top of the microwave for all to use, and paper towels work just as well in a pinch.

Place a sign next to your office microwave to remind everyone to cover their food to prevent splatters, and encourage them to clean up the inside after use by keep Eraser Sponges in a nearby cabinet.

cleaning office kitchens with magic erasersFollow a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Stick to a weekly cleaning schedule to keep your office kitchen sparkling clean and germ free at all times.

  • Hold a refrigerator clean out at the end of the week (we recommend Friday afternoon) to make sure there are never moldy leftovers in the back.
  • Wipe down the inside of the refrigerator at this time, also giving the microwave, counters and sink a good scrubbing before everyone heads home for the weekend.

If you do not have janitorial staff to handle your kitchen cleaning needs, you can always create a plan where each employee takes a turn cleaning.

This way, the space will be in great shape Monday morning, helping everyone to start the new workweek on a positive note.

Keep the Rules Posted

Remind your employees of the kitchen rules by keeping them posted on a bulletin board or on the front of the refrigerator.

It is everyone’s job to keep this area of the office clean, so lead with a good example, labeling your food, cleaning out the microwave after use and taking your turn performing weekly cleaning duties.

magic erasers used in office kitchens

To keep this area of your office free from germs and food messes, use an Eraser Sponge to cut through tough dirt and grime. Purchase yours online