Keeping the Dirtiest Places in Your Office Clean

cleaning an office refrigerator with magic eraserStand up from your desk, take a step out the door of your office and take a look around.

If you had to guess, what surfaces would you name the dirtiest in your workplace?

According to Heath Central, it isn’t the bathroom that harbors the most germs; instead, it is the kitchen and break room.

And with the following places ranked as some of the dirtiest in the office, you are probably wondering what you can do to create a healthier, more positive workplace for your entire team.

  • Break Room Faucet Handles
  • Microwave Door Handles
  • Refrigerator Door Handles
  • Water Fountain Buttons
  • Vending Machine Buttons

Stock Up Your Supplies

For starters, we recommend stocking up on your core cleaning supplies.

Keep a cupboard or shelf stocked with everything you need to wipe down counters, faucets, handles and other surfaces to ensure that you have everything you need for quick and efficient daily cleanings.

cleaning a sink with a magic eraserMake a Cleaning Schedule

If your company does not employ a professional cleaning company to visit on a nightly basis, you may also want to make a cleaning schedule.

  • Take time out of your morning to wipe down the above surfaces every day or have the duties rotate between staff members.

The tactic is especially helpful for small businesses who are already handling all their own cleaning needs.

cleaning office iwth eraser sponge

Replace Your Sponges Frequently

As you are cleaning your kitchen and break room, don’t forget that the sponge in your hand can’t be used forever.

  • After a few uses your traditional kitchen sponges can be coated in bacteria. has an array of tips you should follow to maintain a healthy kitchen, reminding you to throw out a sponge after two or three uses.

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