Make Your Painted Walls Spotless!

eraser spongeHave you taken a look at your walls lately?

If not, you might be surprised about what wound up on there.

Here is a simple step by step instruction of how to remove any sort of mess off your walls and make sure they look great!

Step One: Cobwebs

This is a part of cleaning we don’t like to think about, since cobwebs tend to mean spiders are afoot.

However, getting rid of huge clumps of dust, dirt, or lint will make it easier for you to get at the stickier messes.

  • Use a cloth or a vacuum, depending on where the location is.

Step Two: Spot Cleaning Crayon Marks

For those who have kids, crayons can go missing or get used for the wrong purposes. Check to see if you see any crayon marks.

If you do, the first thing you want to do is make sure there are no clumps of it on the wall. Smearing large chunks can make your mess bigger.

Step Three: Spot Cleaning Marker and Ink

This is an accident that anyone in the home can be guilty of. Since this process is slightly different, it should be treated as a separate step.

  • First try spot cleaning with your eraser sponge.
  • If you have a textured wall, the heavy duty version should work better.

However if for some reason this doesn’t work, there are some other tricks to try.

  • If you have hairspray handy, you can spray the stain with it, and then gently rub the wet spot with a paper towel or rag.

This process may have to be repeated more than once. If this doesn’t work either, then covering the stain with plain toothpaste for ten minutes might lift it. Wipe it clean!

Step Four: Removing Beverage Stains

If you have a magic eraser, try this first.

It will save a lot of time and scrubbing. If not, then a mild detergent will be gentle enough to be used on stained walls. You don’t need much, though!

Step Five: Clean What Remains

You might get done treating these individual stains and notice your walls look blotchy now.

Do a gentle but thorough wipe down of your walls to ensure you didn’t miss anything. If you have stubborn grime on your walls, eraser sponges work great for that too!

You will find after all this hard work, your walls will look like new!