Did You Know Cleaning is Good for Your Health?

Although there are very few people who actually enjoy cleaning, it is a task that all of us have to do on a regular basis.

And as much as you may dislike having to do the dishes every night and a load of laundry every morning, maintaining a clean and organized home can have some incredible benefits, both for your physical and mental health.

Increase Your Productivity

If you are looking to become more efficient at the office, the first thing to do is reorganize and de-clutter your desk.

Staring at piles of paperwork all day can interfere with your visual cortex, making it difficult for you to concentrate, but a clean, well-organized desk will make it much easier for you to get your work accomplished.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

According to a study performed by Carlson School of Management and the University of Minnesota, an organized space can contribute to healthy choices, and working in a neat space for just ten minutes made test subjects twice as likely to choose an apple over a chocolate bar.

Creating a clean, organized environment for yourself can help to make you more mindful dietary choices, improving your health and aiding in weight loss.

Reduce Stress

Think about how you feel when you come home from work to a sink full of dishes and a messy living room.

  • No one enjoys living in an unorganized home, and studies have shown that women who consider their home cluttered are more likely to feel stressed out and fatigued.

To keep yourself stress-free (at least when it comes to cleaning) take a few minutes to clean up around the house every evening, to ensure you start your next morning on the right foot – and can come home to a clutter-free home.

Improve Your Relationship

On top of improving your health and personal happiness, a clean home can also help your relationship.

A disorganized living space can cause a lot of conflict between partners and can keep you from inviting friends and family members over to socialize, so don’t forget to take some time each week to clean your space.

  • Whether you split the chores down the middle, each doing a bit of cleaning in your free time, or spend Saturday afternoon sprucing up your home together, your relationship will really benefit.

Now that you know some of the most important reasons to keep your living area clean, it’s time to pick up some Eraser Sponges from SpongeOutlet and get to work. To learn more about our cleaning products, visit us online or give us a call at 877-776-6430 today.