How to Clean Your Outdoor Furniture This Summer

Summer Cleaning Tips

Finally, we’re able to enjoy some good weather! The sun is shining, it’s warm and comfortable, but your outdoor furniture is covered in pollen and dirt from last year…

Well, not to worry, SpongeOutlet is here today with some tips on how to clean your outdoor furniture this summer.

Whether you just broke your outdoor furniture out of the garage, or you’re finding that it needs a good wipe down after it’s been out on the back deck for a couple weeks, we have the info you need.

Dirt & Dust Build Up

Outdoor furniture is prone to dirt and dust build up, so it’s important that you properly store it when you’re putting it away for the winter. If you can, wrap it in an old sheet or cloths to keep the dirt at bay, and keep it in a dry spot in your garage or shed.

When you first take your furniture out of storage, even if it was covered, you’ll need to give it a good wipe down before it’s safe to sit on. The first thing you should do is attack the furniture pieces with a bucket of soapy water, and a microfiber cloth or paper towels. This will remove all the fine dirt and dust that built up on the chairs during the winter months.

Don’t skip this step, even if your chairs were stored in a clean space, dust is everywhere! And you don’t want it to transfer to your guests’ clothing once they sit on your furniture.

Make sure you choose the proper soap for your furniture. If your furniture is wicker or wood, you’ll need to use an oil-based soap to remove any dust and grime from the surface. Metal frames can be cleaned with mild dish soap.

Don’t forget to give everything a good rinse, and let it dry completely before you use the furniture.

And, if your furniture is hard wood, you may want to sand the surface and apply a fresh coat of paint each year before use.

Tough Stains

For areas that have become rusty or stained from last summer’s use, that you can’t clean easily with a cloth and soapy water, take an eraser sponge to the area. Eraser sponges will remove any tough stains from the surface of your furniture but be careful in areas where the paint is chipping—you want to avoid causing further damage to the paint.


If your outdoor furniture has cushions attached, you should follow the cleaning instructions on the pillow tags. If they are machine washable, toss the covers in the wash and make sure they are completely air or tumbled dry before you use them. If your cushions aren’t machine washable, you can probably still clean the surfaces of them with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust.


On a weekly basis, hose down your furniture to remove debris like leaves and bugs that could damage the integrity of the rust-resistant paint on the surface of the furniture. Make sure that you take the cushions inside whenever you can if it’s going to rain: prolonged exposure to rain without ever becoming fully dry will cause mold to grow inside and on your cushions.

About halfway through the summer, or once a month, give your furniture another wipe-down with a cloth and soapy water, to make sure that you’re removing any dust and dirt that’s stuck to the surfaces. And, if there are any stains, use an eraser sponge to get rid of them right away.

If you have a big party and your furniture is used heavily over the course of an evening, it’s a good idea to hose everything down to remove food and alcohol particles that could cause problems down the line.

And, if you know there’s going to be a big summer storm, bring your furniture inside or tie it to your deck to avoid it being thrown around in the wind and damaged, or damaging something else, like your house!

Proper StorageCleaning Patio Furniture

At the end of the summer, repeat the deep clean that you performed at the beginning of the season to remove dirt and grime, and store your furniture in a place where it will stay dry and not too cold, if possible. Wrap your furniture with old sheets or cloths, and keep any fabric or pillows sealed in a storage bin.

If you follow these simple (and frequent) cleaning tips, your furniture will last you for many summers to come. In the meantime, get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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Summer Cleaning Checklist

essential summer cleaning checklist

Summer is finally here! It’s time to put away those winter wardrobes, open up the windows and start enjoying some nice weather for a chance. If you’re like us here at SpongeOutlet, you know that the summer is a great time of year to do a special, seasonal deep clean of your home. After everything’s been closed up for the winter, it’s time for a whole house refresh when the summer rolls around!

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry: we have your essential summer cleaning checklist here.

Check it out and get started by ordering your cleaning supplies from SpongeOutlet.

Summer Cleaning Checklist Tip 1: Lemon Fresh

Let’s start in the kitchen: chances are, during the start of the summer months, you’re stocking up on seasonal citrus like lemons. If you have a few left over after making a round of cocktails one evening, use it to clean the stainless steel in your kitchen. According to House Beautiful, a few strokes with a lemon wedge, followed by a microfiber cloth is sure to get your kitchen and bathrooms sparkling. Plus, think of the delicious lemony scent you’ll enjoy post clean!

Summer Cleaning Checklist Tip 2: Outdoor Prep

It’s important to give the exterior of your home a good once-over when the summer starts, and we’re not just talking about power washing the siding. You’ll start to make use of your outdoor space during the warmer months, so make sure your home is all ready to go. Clean off the grill, dust and sweep your porch and deck, and make sure your porch furniture is wiped down before you have the neighbors over for a barbecue. You might be surprised how much dirt and grime they collect in the shed each winter!Outdoor Cleaning Prep

  • If you have a pool, make sure you have a professional come by and check out the chemical levels before you let the kids go for a dip. And if you keep their swimming gear, like noodles, floaties and pool games, in storage during the winter, make sure to wipe them down before your kids get their hands on them.

Summer is the perfect season to clean your windows, inside and out. You’ll let in a little extra sunlight once you get rid of that built-up dirt, and the milder weather means that rain and snow won’t mess up your sparkling clean windows! If you have out of reach windows in your home, you may need to call in a professional, but a strong microfiber cloth and a bottle of glass cleaner will do the trick for the windows you can reach.

Summer Cleaning Checklist Tip 3: Laundry Room

If you live in an area with lots of humidity, you might notice your washer and dryer giving off a mildew-y odor in the summer. To get rid of the smell, run an empty load with detergent, and then leave the door open so that the drum can dry out.

The same goes with garbage disposals and trash cans. You should pay a little extra attention to moist areas during the summer, to prevent mold growth and unsavory smells.

  • In the bathroom, pull the curtain back in place and leave the door open to air out the room. If you have a vent, make sure it’s open when you’re showering.

Vacuuming High-Traffic FlooringSummer Cleaning Checklist Tip 4: High-Traffic Flooring

Chances are, you entertain a bit more in the summer, so you might find your floors looking dull and in need of a deep clean more frequently than you would in the fall and winter. Vacuuming a bit more frequently can help to prevent drab-looking carpet, but you may need to call in the professionals.

  • A pre-summer wash and a post-summer wash will keep your carpets looking fresh. Ask about steam cleaning for hardwood and tile while you’re scheduling your carpet clean!

Summer Cleaning Checklist Tip 5: Pantry

Angie’s List says that summer is a great time to go through your pantry. Toss any expired items, and make sure everything is sealed up tight so that it doesn’t attract pests.

Summer Cleaning Checklist Tip 6: Nooks & Crannies

Summertime will likely see tons of neighborhood kids running through your house, late nights outside, and muddy hands and feet. It’s the best part about being a kid, but it makes keeping a clean home a little stressful! Don’t forget about the corners of the walls, light switches, and other highly trafficked areas this summer.

  • For stubborn spots and grime, pick up a pack of eraser sponges and get to work. Once you get started, you’ll discover tons of uses for these sponges, so we like to have a bunch on hand, whether we’re spring, summer or even winter cleaning our home!

For more information on our products and tips to keep your home clean and sanitized, visit our blog. Or, call SpongeOutlet today at 877-776-6430.

Prep your Boat for Summer With Our Products

If you are planning on cleaning your boat before putting it in the water this summer, take a look at Sponge Outlet’s auto and boat cleaning products and get started today!

Your boat spent all winter in storage, waiting for sun and warm weather to appear. Now that summer is finally here, it’s time to get your boat back on the water. But before you get too excited, there are some things that need to be checked off on your checklist.

Check your boat

Before gathering the family and jumping in the boat for a fun-filled day on the water, you should check all of the basics: check the fuel and hoses for leaks or cracks, look at the cables and belts and inspect electrical connections to ensure they are working properly and safely. Are the fluid levels such as engine oil and coolant correct? Is the boat equipped with life jackets and a first aid kit?

Clean your boat

Now that you’ve inspected your boat thoroughly, it’s time to clean the interior and exterior. After all, you spend thousands on your boat so don’t you want it in tip-top shape? To help remove musty odors and to preserve the value of your boat, you should really take the time and clean it. Grab your kids or grandkids and have them help you! It can be an easy and simple process if you use these products from Spongeoutlet.

The Super S Detail Sponge is perfect for big jobs such as cleaning your boat. Simply wet the sponge, squeeze out any excess water and gently rub the dirt, stain, scuff or even mold mark on your boat. Rinse, squeeze and store the sponge so you can reuse it many times.

Are your kids having a blast with the sponge, soap and water? Use our Large Shammy Cloth to clean up spills fast. The Shammy is both a sponge and a towel and can wash, dry and polish your boat without leaving any scratches. Hoping to use the Shammy again next year? No worries, you’ll be able to throw it in the washing machine and use it again and again.

If you are planning on cleaning your boat before putting it in the water this summer, take a look at Spongeoutlet’s auto and boat cleaning products and get started today!

Clean Your Outdoor Furniture with an Eraser Sponge

patio furniture

There is nothing more enjoyable than lounging in a chair while your children splash and play in the pool during the summer months.

And now that the school year is over and summer has officially arrived, your family is sure to be spending time outside every chance they get.

To get your yard ready for the exciting season ahead, the first thing to do is bring out your patio furniture from storage.

Whether you are enjoying an evening meal with your family or are hosting a big party, comfortable – and clean – seating is a must.

Even if you cleaned your patio furniture before you put it away last winter, it is always a good idea to wipe chairs and tables clean before sitting down for the first time.

  • Dirt and grime can accumulate easily, especially on items stored in the close confines of a garage or basement.

For the busy individuals who don’t feel like filling a bucket with soapy water and wasting a roll of paper towels to get everything clean, SpongeOutlet has a much easier cleaning solution!

Regardless of what material your patio furniture is made of our Eraser Sponge will remove grit and grime with ease.

  • We recommend keeping sponges on hand throughout the summer months, as pollen, sap and spilled food will need to be cleaned up before each of the backyard get-togethers you host.
  • Remember to test on a small area first before scrubbing everything clean and review the video below for a complete patio furniture cleaning tutorial.

To order your Eraser Sponges and other summer cleaning supplies, visit SpongeOutlet online or give us a call at 877-776-6430.