5 Things You Should Clean Regularly in Your Home

Cleaning your home with eraser sponge products

Our homes can get very dirty without us even realizing it. Over time, there are several areas that can gather bacteria and other germs rather quickly. Sinks, bathrooms, and kitchens are just scratching the surface. These areas of your home and more need to be cleaned regularly to ensure the bacteria does not spread to other surfaces in your home.

Here are 5 things you should clean regularly:

Kitchen Sink & Countertops

The kitchen is used frequently to prepare and cook food. Your stovetop, kitchen sink, countertops, oven, microwave, and other surfaces can easily gather leftover food, crumbs, and other debris. Bacteria and other germs can gather in these places. To combat these germs, Sponge Outlet’s eraser sponges will do the trick!


Your bathrooms can also gather germs. Believe it or not, the bathroom sink can get just as dirty as the toilet bowl. Cleaning the bathroom is very important. You have to make sure you clean every area around and inside the toilet, bathtub, walls, sink, faucet, and much more. Our dual melamine eraser sponges and scouring pad can get to the bottom of the grime.

Doorknobs & Handles

We touch our doorknobs and door handles constantly at our homes. Coming in from a long day outside in the summer can bring in germs on our hands. These germs can stick to the handles. Bacteria can build up if we don’t clean them regularly. Besides our eraser sponges, we can provide you with microfiber towels and more to quickly clean off these areas!


Cabinets around your home can gather crumbs, dirt, grime, and dust at any point in the year. Cleaning your cabinets regularly with a microfiber towel will allow you to quickly dust off the debris for a cleaner home. For the hard-to-reach places, simply use our dusting wand!

Laundry Room

This is an important one to clean. The laundry room is consistently being filled with dirty laundry. Germs and bacteria can build up on the countertops and floors. Make sure when you’re washing your clothes in the washer to clean the areas around them.

At Sponge Outlet, we can provide you with high quality cleaning products clean every area of your home inside and out.

Stuff Loved Ones Stockings with Sponges this Holiday Season

If you’re struggling to think of the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones, struggle no more.

We are confident that nothing says “season’s greetings” like a gift bag full of sponges.

Eraser Sponges are Used on a Daily Basis

Everyone uses eraser sponges to clean dishes, microwaves, counter tops, and many other surfaces. People all have a constant need for sponge erasers because we use them daily.

From a tough scrubby sponge for hard to clean dishes to an eraser sponge to get our stovetop spotless, people use sponges multiple times a day. People have to purchase sponges to meet their needs. If sponges are gifted to them, they can leave buying them off of their “to-do list.”

  • Sponges are a practical gift that people will use. If you know someone that has just about everything, we bet they could still use a sponge. Problem solved.

Sponge Erasers Need to Be Replaced on Occasion

Many people do not replace their sponge eraser as frequently as they should. Eraser sponges get worn out and when they do, they don’t perform as well. Sponges eventually get dirt and although they can be sanitized, they should eventually be replaced.

  • Many people don’t replace their melamine sponges as often as they should.

They might recognize the need for a replacement but if they don’t have one at home and can’t get to the store, they likely keep using the old one.

If they are given magic eraser sponges as a gift, their replacements will be right at home and they can replace their old sponge for a new sponge as needed.

  • Although sponges do need to be replaced, they will still last longer than a box of ribbon candy would.

Magic Sponge Erasers are a Creative Gift

Most people don’t want another snowflake ornament, another tin of cutout cookies, or a bag of peppermint candies. The large majority of people would never go to a holiday gift exchange and expect to get sponges.

Have you ever arrived at a holiday party to realize that you bought the generic gift as three other people in the room did? If you arrive at a gift exchange with eraser cleaning sponges, you do not risk someone having the same gift as you.

  • You don’t have to worry about giving loved ones a gift that they have already gotten.
  • They won’t need to fight crowds at the store to exchange the gift you gave them because they won’t already have it.
  • You will really be doing them a favor, those crowds can be brutal.

Melamine Eraser Sponges Transport Easily

If you typically travel to your destination during the holiday season, you understand the struggle of packing the trunk of a car with breakable gifts. You likely drive for hours taking each turn with tremendous caution.

  • If you fly during the holiday season, you probably dread packing a suitcase full of gifts that won’t go over the airlines weight restrictions.

Sponges are lightweight and extremely easy to transport by car or plane. They cannot break while traveling if you hit a speed bump and they can easily be shoved into the crevices of a suitcase.

In case of emergency, they can also stand up to blustery blizzards.

Visit Spongeoutlet to get your holiday shopping done today. (Ribbons and wrapping paper not included)