Back to School Classroom Cleaning Supplies

Back to School Classroom Cleaning Supplies

Be sure to add  classroom cleaning supplies to your back-to-school shopping list. Here’s our recommendation of supplies every teacher would love to have in their classroom.

Back to School Cleaning Supplies 21 Pack of Extra Large Eraser Sponges

Use our Instant Eraser 21 Pack of XL Eraser Sponges to:

  • remove dry erase marker from white boards
  • clean chair and scuff marks from floors
  • remove coffee stains from mugs and glass coffeepots
  • wipe up glue drips and sticky glue residue from desks
  • remove crayon, marker and pen marks from walls and desks.

Since eraser sponges only require water and some gentle scrubbing to clean, they make the ideal cleaning sponge for the classroom as no added chemicals are needed. Caution: Always be sure to test the sponge on an inconspicuous area of the surface you intend to clean. Look for dulling or damage of the area or finish before applying it to the entire area.

Use Swedish Dishcloths to wipe up spills in a classroom. Dry and reuse! Once cloth can replace 15 rolls of papertowels

Replace Paper Towels in the Classroom with Reusable and Compostable  Swedish Dishcloths

Use Swedish Dishcloths to wipe up spills on floors and desks, or wet them and use them to wipe whiteboards like a sponge. Rinse and let air dry to reuse these cloths again and again! One cloth can replace up to 15 rolls of paper towels, making them more environmentally friendly to use. Plus they can be cleaned in a washing machine, dishwasher or wet and heated in a microwave to remove germs. The fact that these dishcloths can be reused and used in so many ways make them the perfect choice for any classroom.


Microfiber cloths make a great addition to any back-to-school supply list

Microfiber cleaning cloths are safe for surfaces and can be used to wipe up spills or clean. Rinse out and allow them to air dry. These microfiber cloths can also be cleaned in a washing machine when dirty. Save money on paper towels and with SpongeOutlet’s bulk pricing, you can afford to keep plenty on hand.

Use Chamois cloths to wipe up classroom spills and reuse again and again

Cut up our Large Chamois Cloths to create smaller cloths for students to use to wipe up liquids. They are super absorbent and will save on paper towel usage. Wring out and let air dry to reuse the cloths.

Why buying classroom cleaning supplies is important

Cleaning supplies not only help keep your child’s classroom tidier, they can also help a struggling teacher out. According to a Washington Post story, 94% of teachers pay for classroom supplies out of their own pocket to the tune of $478 per year. Donated cleaning supplies, which are reusable, would help teachers out in a small way. When shopping for school supplies, always be sure to follow the list of supplies provided by your child’s teacher or school.