Tis the Season for More Dishes

Thanksgiving Meal

As the holiday season approaches, many of us picture the notorious dishes that pile up at family gatherings.

We often start cooking more frequently in fall and winter months.

We are also typically hosting larger groups of people than normal.

Some of our dishes cannot safely be put into a dish washer, but if you know how to properly wash those dishes, they won’t be as intimidating sitting in the sink.

Wear Protective Gloves

Hot water can take a toll on our hands, especially in winter months when our skin is already prone to dryness. Dish water can often leave our hands brittle and irritated.

Dish washing gloves are usually thick which means they can also protect your hands from loose knives in the sink. The gloves, typically made of rubber, will also help you hold onto slippery dishes when you’re struggling to hang onto Grandma’s valuable china.

Turn Up the Temperature

Hot water can make a huge difference when it comes to washing dishes. It can be hard to dip your hands into hot water, but that’s what the gloves are for!

  • Fill your sink with several drops of dishwashing liquid and fill the tub with the hottest water you can tolerate.
  • The hotter water you can use, the less likely you will be to have spots and streaks on your dishes.

Hot water will make cleaner dishes. Hot water can also help to break down food and grease on dishes, making it easier to scrub them clean.

Choose the Right Sponge

You need a sponge that is reliable, strong, and tough when you are trying to conqExtraStrengthEraseruer a lot of dishes at once.

Our Extra Strength Eraser sponges are fifty percent stronger than our standard sponges. We suggest using these on dishes that are heavily soiled.

For instance, burnt baking sheets are an ideal job for our extra strength eraser sponge.

We also sell Microfiber drying towels which offers an impeccable polished clean when drying dishes. The clothes will never scratch a dish or leave lingering fibers.

Rinse Dishes Clean ASAP

If you are hand washing a lot of dishes throughout the day, you will likely reach a point where you’d prefer to just visit with your company and that’s ok to do.

The dessert dishes can wait. If you serve an apple pie, most dishes will be sticky and have some sort of food residue on them.

  • If this happens and you don’t feel up to washing them right away, just make sure you rinse them with hot water and soak them with a few drops of dish soap to make them an easier clean tomorrow.

The holiday season should be a time of great joy. Don’t rain on your Macy’s Day Parade by obsessing over the amount of dishes that are accruing.

Sponge Outlet has products that can cut the time it will take you to wash those dreadful dishes, giving you more time to enjoy the celebrations around you.