Cleaning Your Boat for Winter Storage

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Store Boat for Winter

Our surrounding bodies of water will soon be bodies of ice.

Boat owners are starting to prepare their boats for winter storage and we have some hints to offer on how to do this properly.

It is vital that your boat is stored appropriately in order to keep it secure and well-maintained. Boats are expensive investments and they must be cleaned properly before they are stored for the winter.

Boats are exposed to all different kinds of elements. Salt, seaweed, algae, and barnacles are just a few things most boats come into contact on a regular basis.

All of these different elements soil the boat, even in the places that you can’t see.

In order to preserve your boat in the winter, all of these elements need to be cleaned completely off of your boat.

Thoroughly Rinse the Boat to Start Cleaning

Make sure that you spray down your entire boat with water first. A power washer can sometimes work better than a standard hose because it provides more pressure to clear out nooks and crannies. Make sure are rinsing all aspects of the boat including the topside, bottom, and deck.

  • You should also make a point to clean all of the hardware and trim.
  • You should also be purchasing proper boat cleaner and bilge in order to get further treat the boat.
  • Open any seacocks to drain remaining water out.

Use Proper Boat Cleaner

If your boat has a decent amount of salt residue, let the water sit and dissolve the salt a bit. After it dissolves, rinse it with water again.

  • Rinse the boat from the top down to ensure you are rinsing the salt off of the boat instead of just around the boat.
  • Be sure to purchase proper boat cleaner in order to treat the boat properly.

Scrub The Boat Body with Eraser Sponges

In order to clean the boat, you’ll need a tough companion to get the job donEraser Sponge Uses e.

Sponge Outlet’s eraser sponges can easily pick-up dirt and grime from every section of your boat.

  • Before you start scrubbing, we recommend resting the eraser sponge on an inconspicuous section of the boat.
  • We recommend doing this as a precaution so you are certain that the strength of the sponge will not harm the boat.

Consider Waxing the Boat

After you have your boat completely washed, you should really consider waxing the boat as well.

  • Waxing your boat will seal and protect your clean boat from any winter weather that it might face.
  • Wax can protect your boat from temperature changes and preserve shine.

Before you store your boat, make sure the boat is completely dry to avoid mold and mildew from settling in. If possible, open any seacocks to drain remaining water out of the boat.

Cleaning and waxing your boat before storing for winter months will prevent dirt and corrosion from getting comfortable.