Cleaning your Car with an Eraser Sponge

cleaning your carSummer is coming to a close- that means your car has probably been through the ringer.

It is time to clean out all that sand and grime you have accumulated over the summer months while having your summer fun.

The best tool for the car-cleaning job is the eraser sponge.

These things are a miracle for any cleaning situation.

First thing you need to do is make sure to wet the sponge enough to be wet but not soaking and dripping.

Start with your center console and dashboard.

  • These areas can collect a lot of dust in all the little cracks. Get deep in there and you will be sure to see the difference the eraser sponge can make. You can get all the stuck on food and grime your car has accumulated.

Next start cleaning your steering wheel, this is the most touched piece of your car and can accumulated the most germs and grime.

  • You may not even realize the amount of buildup until you go at it with your eraser sponge. Lastly use the sponge on any leather or vinyl. You can watch all the stains disappear before your eyes.

Now that the inside of your car is clean grab a new sponge and clean the outside.

  • Have you been taking the road trips to the country? Then you have TONS of bugs stuck on your windows and grill. Use your eraser sponge to take them off with ease. Yes it is gross but using the sponge will help make it go faster.

You can also use the sponge to clean off all the surfaces on the outside of the vehicle.

  • Even the tires, they may be more of challenge, but nothing is too hard for the eraser sponge.  Take your time and have fun with this!