10 Children’s Items the Eraser Sponge Can Clean

sponge outlet eraser spongeFor anyone who has kids, they know what a chore it can be to keep their belongings clean.

However, here are ten things that can be cleaned out with everyone’s favorite product:

  • Action Figures and Dolls:
    • The faces of the dolls are a soft vinyl and they can come clean pretty easily- just wipe down gently so that you do not scratch the surface.
  • Inflatable Toys:
    • Even if they haven’t been put in your child’s mouth (which depending on the age of the kid that could have happened) but cleaning these will help lead to less germs and less chance of sickness.
  • Bedroom Furniture:
    • You never really know how much buildup there is on surfaces until you clean it.
  • Sneakers:
    • This will work for anyone, but kids are notorious for running in mud and splashing in puddles. Especially now that it is time to go back to school- don’t buy more shoes, just clean them up!
    • You do not use much water to clean them with the eraser sponge, so you can put them on and leave right away.
  • Lunchboxes:
    • This is an item that you might not think to clean all the time, but if you wipe them down with an eraser sponge then you would be less likely to create build up.
    • For added safety, wipe down the lunch box with a paper towel to dry it and make sure no debris were left behind.
  • Gaming Systems:
    • While you shouldn’t use water on these consoles, a well rung out eraser sponge would do wonders when it comes to cleaning the console itself, the controllers, or even hand held games that get carried around.
  • Bathroom:
    • The eraser sponge is a tool that children could easily clean up with, since there isn’t anything that can get into their eyes. Encourage them to help out with chores by giving them an eraser sponge.
  • Sporting Equipment:
    • Remember that bag that has been sitting at the bottom of their closet with all of their equipment? It might be a good time to wipe that down and give it a fresh start.
  • Bike:
    • A bike can be a huge investment. Instead of taking it outside to hose it down, let your children do their own detail cleaning. They can feel proud in their work.
  • Just about anything have to do with babies:
    • Most of the items your baby or toddler will be dealing with will be plastic, and let’s face it, it doesn’t stay clean for all that long.
    • Cribs, highchairs, booster seats, diaper pails… the list is endless. It’s important to keep your baby’s belongings clean so why not use a simple tool to get the job done?