God’s Gift to Homes: Eraser Sponges

If you haven’t used an Eraser Sponge or have been living under a rock for the past few years, here are a few ways the Eraser Sponge can make your life easier.

There are many more uses than we have below, but these are some of the things you may not have thought of yourself.

  • Clean Shoes– Sneakers and boots are too expensive to keep buying new ones, and everyone wants to walk around with fresh kicks.
    • Instead of throwing them in the washer and damaging the soles simply rub them with the Eraser Sponge.
  • eraser spongesIrons– Sometimes your iron may develop a buildup from using starch on your clothes or just because of the fibers on your clothes.
    • Using the Eraser Sponge on your iron will make it look new, like the first time you had it.
  • Tough Tub stains– Really it can be used on any bathroom stain but the one you notice the most is from the bathtub. You see it every day and it drives you crazy!
    • Give it a little bit of elbow grease and your tub will look good as new.
  • Crayons and Pens– If you have little ones running around you are going to come home to a master piece on your wall someday. Instead of spending hours cleaning it off with harmful chemicals use the Eraser Sponge.
    • Heck with the Eraser Sponge you could even have the child clean up their own mess as it is not a chemical like bleach.
  • White Boards– Yes they make erasers and cleaners to clean white boards. But why keep around another product that only has one use.
    • The Eraser Sponge is multi-use and some even say it makes the white board cleaner than the product sold for it.