Use Eraser Sponges to Transform Your Painting!


In the past we have been sharing fun and even unique uses for your eraser sponges, but this one definitely takes the cake.

From the time that eraser sponges have become popular, people have been searching for uses and tricks.

Do you paint?

This could include watercolor or even using powerful stains outside of your typical paints.

Did you make a mistake?

You can use your eraser sponge to fix them!

With water color paintings it is very easy to get paint where you didn’t mean to, and can also make it hard to change the overall look of the painting.

With eraser sponges you now have a way to do that.

Here is how:

  • If you have something you would like to add to your water color painting, create a stencil of the object and place it on your painting, wherever you want to object to be.
  • Once the stencil is in place, take a small piece of an eraser sponge and wet it. Make sure to squeeze out most of the water.
  • Once this is done, gently wipe the painting where the stencil is. This will bring up the paint. Do this multiple times until the canvas/paper is blank again.
  • Once you pull up the stencil, you will find that there is a perfect white spot in the shape of your object! This will make it easier to add in that shape or object that you couldn’t add in before.
  • It is suggested to dry your painting, or set it aside to let it dry naturally before working on it again.

Who would have thought that eraser sponges would have artistic uses?

Has anyone ever done this before? How well did it work for you?