Kitchen Cleaning Advice for Your Office

office cafeteria

The office kitchen can be a frightening place.

From the moldy sandwich in the back of the refrigerator to the microwave covered in other people’s food splatter, there are a few unpleasant sights you are bound to see.

But luckily, with a few quick tips and the right cleaning supplies, you can ensure everyone in your building has a clean place to enjoy their lunch breaks.

Label Your Food

While no one wants to think that their coworkers will take food that isn’t theirs, accidents do happen.

Make sure that no one mistakes your sandwich or Tupperware for their own by labeling all the items you put in the office refrigerator.

  • You can also invest in a reusable lunch box or bag to keep all of your food in one labeled place.

Invest in a Microwave Cover

Keep splatters at bay with a cover for food that needs reheating in the microwave.

  • There are reusable plastic covers available that can be left on top of the microwave for all to use, and paper towels work just as well in a pinch.

Place a sign next to your office microwave to remind everyone to cover their food to prevent splatters, and encourage them to clean up the inside after use by keep Eraser Sponges in a nearby cabinet.

cleaning office kitchens with magic erasersFollow a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Stick to a weekly cleaning schedule to keep your office kitchen sparkling clean and germ free at all times.

  • Hold a refrigerator clean out at the end of the week (we recommend Friday afternoon) to make sure there are never moldy leftovers in the back.
  • Wipe down the inside of the refrigerator at this time, also giving the microwave, counters and sink a good scrubbing before everyone heads home for the weekend.

If you do not have janitorial staff to handle your kitchen cleaning needs, you can always create a plan where each employee takes a turn cleaning.

This way, the space will be in great shape Monday morning, helping everyone to start the new workweek on a positive note.

Keep the Rules Posted

Remind your employees of the kitchen rules by keeping them posted on a bulletin board or on the front of the refrigerator.

It is everyone’s job to keep this area of the office clean, so lead with a good example, labeling your food, cleaning out the microwave after use and taking your turn performing weekly cleaning duties.

magic erasers used in office kitchens

To keep this area of your office free from germs and food messes, use an Eraser Sponge to cut through tough dirt and grime. Purchase yours online