Don’t Just Clean With Your Sponge


A good thorough cleaning is not just about what cleaning products you are using; it is also about the physical items you are cleaning with.

Not all cleaning solutions do the job they claim to do, but when accompanied by a great sponge, you have a much better chance of a greater clean.

Sponges are one of the most versatile, and one of the most used, cleaning products in both commercial and residential spaces.

You can use a sponge on just about every type of surface and they are a “go-to” cleaning product for many people.

For instance, our eraser sponges can be used for a variety of cleaning jobs.

While we are pretty familiar with the amazing cleaning benefits of a sponge, you wouldn’t believe the creative uses people utilize sponges for. Below are some really unique uses for a sponge:

Keep Fridge Odor Free

To eliminate fridge odors, sprinkle a damp sponge with baking soda and place in the fridge.

  • The sponge will absorb the odors so that it will keep the fridge smelling fresh for quite some time.

Chinese Eraser Sponges – Beware!Clean Hard to Reach Objects

For cleaning the bottom of those narrow vases and salad dressing bottles that you can never seem to get clean, cut a rectangle from a sponge and tape it onto the end of a chopstick for those hard to reach places.

Keep Plants Hydrated

To keep your potted plant’s roots moist, (let’s be honest, we are all guilty of letting them go to long without water) cut a piece of sponge to fit tightly in the bottom of the pot.

  • The sponge will soak up the water to keep the plant’s roots from drying up.

Send Out “Thank You” Cards

If you have a lot of of thank you cards or invitations that need to be mailed out, you can save yourself the time and the taste of licking each one by sealing the envelope shut with a damp sponge instead.

Make Yard Work Comfortable

You can make the task of raking or shoveling by covering the handle of the tool, wherever you grip it, with a sponge. You can tape the sponge onto the handle with duct tape.

  • This will make the handle much more comfortable to hold onto.

Spongeoutlet has a variety of great sponges as well as other cleaning supplies available at great prices. Trust the versatility of a sponge for all of your cleaning needs.

Ways To Naturally Clean Windows

Today, there is no reason to clean you windows with harsh sprays and chemicals.

Your home can be filled with crystal-clear windows without also filling your house with the strong long-last odors that strong cleaners often leave behind.


Here are two great ways to clean the windows in your home:

       1. A Microfiber Cloth.

A lint-free damp microfiber cloth is chemical-free, easy to use, and very inexpensive. It is also reusable, and it’s easy to clean the microfiber cloth itself. All you have to do to clean the cloth is wet it and then wring it out.

Using a microfiber cloth instead of paper towels is also better for the environment and your wallet. Like a chamois cloth, a microfiber cloth cleans so well on its own, with the help of just a little water, no cleaners are necessary.

Microfiber cloths not only clean your windows, but they also dust and polish them, to help give them a brilliant shine, naturally.

Most microfiber and chamois cloths can be used for more than just cleaning your windows. Additional cleaning uses include: counters, stovetops, tubs, sinks and showers

       2. A Chamois Cloth

A chamois, which is pronounced sham-wa, is the perfect choice for dusty, but not dirty, windows. All you need to is dampen the chamois with just a little water and voila, your window will wipe the dust off effortlessly, without any harsh chemical left from sprays or cleaners.

A chamois is a synthetic cloth best known for its use of drying cars.

Many people do not realize that is also perfect for cleaning the windows in your house, office or car. After cleaning your windows with a chamois, soak the cloth for a few minutes in warm water and soap, then rinse it clean and hang it to dry in your home, away from sunlight.

It is not machine-washable.