Control Springtime Allergies By Dusting

Photo of two microfiber cleaning cloths -colors red and blue and a microfiber dusting wand, blue

Dusting not only makes your home look nice, it can remove potential allergens from inside your home that could be making you sick.

Dust to Combat Springtime Allergies

Allergens run wild during the spring and this is due to trees, grasses and weeds releasing tiny grains called “pollen” which wreak havoc on your immune system when inhaled. Pollen can cause sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, runny noses and other symptoms. And pollen is not just outdoors; it can make up part of the dust that collects on your home’s surfaces.

Dust is another allergen and the dust inside your home could be made up of pet hair, dust mites, mold and pollen. Surprisingly, allergies could flare up AFTER dusting, because dust particles get stirred up and moved around during cleaning. To prevent this, wear a mask while dusting and use a tool like Continue reading Control Springtime Allergies By Dusting

Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning Tips Used By Cleaning Pros

Professional Cleaner tips for cleaner kitchens and bathrooms

Make cleaning kitchens and bathrooms easier with these tips used by professional cleaners.

Start from the Top and Work to the Bottom

That means start with dusting high areas like the tops of cupboards or kitchen cabinets or the bathroom vanity. Use a microfiber duster to trap dirt and dust and not just knock it to the ground, or on to lower counter tops or shelves.

gloved hand wiping bathroom counter with microfiber cloth

Wipe Left to Right Using an “S” Pattern

After dusting, use a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean counter cabinets and handles, or use it to clean a bathroom mirror. Be sure to wipe left to right in an “S” pattern. Using an “S” pattern insures all Continue reading Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning Tips Used By Cleaning Pros

Safely Removing Stains From A Leather Couch

Leather furniture provides the ultimate comfort.

The plush, sleek and cool material beneath the skin is like a trip to the spa after a really long day.

Most leather furniture has been pre-treated to a certain degree so that there is a barrier of protection when spills occur.

However, prolonged sitting and certain liquids will definitely damage the leather beyond repair.

  • Leather furniture, in all its beauty, can be a challenge to maintain.
  • Leather can become easily damaged by improper cleaning techniques.
  • Knowing what products to use and how ahead of a spill are key to protecting the leather when an actual spill occurs.
  • Most importantly for spills, you will want to clean it up immediately.
  • Leather is naturally porous and if the liquid passes the protective barrier on the surface, the stain becomes very difficult to clean.

Make sure all labels are read prior to cleaning and don’t forget to spot test on your couch before you clean it completely.

For example, anything with an oil base, furniture polish, waxed-based products, or ammonia-based cleaners like Windex on your leather, because they will leave the leather feeling sticky and will discolor it as well.

Abrasive cleaners are also not recommended because these cleaners will damage the surface of the leather.

With all of the don’ts for leather cleansers, what to do when you need one?

Our melamine foam eraser sponges are a product gentle enough to use on leather. This sponge is strong enough to remove grime, dirt, and stains without compromising the integrity of the product being cleaned.

For leather, the sponge leaves no hazardous residual or chemical odor and is mild enough to not damage the surface of the leather. Using our sponge to clean up spills and stains is quick, easy, safe, and effective.

If you have any questions about or how to use the SpongeOutlet eraser melamine foam sponge, feel free to contact us.

How To Care And Keep Your Shoes Looking Brand New

Whether you are a male or female, you know what it is like to have a good pair of shoes fall below “brand new” quality and feel yourself die a little inside.

We’re here to give you some tips on how to clean your shoes and keep them in pristine condition for many years.

Shoes and sneakers can be the equivalent of art, especially when you have your favorite pairs and they cost you a pretty penny!

The care and cleaning of your favorite masterpieces doesn’t have to be hard, it just requires a couple items that you can order right online.

Sneaker experts suggest anything like these eraser sponges, which are great for removing those dark scuffs that you thought were now one with the shoe.

Guess again – these high quality sponges require no chemicals and with a little water, will buff those scuffs and skid marks right off your favorite pair of heels or sneakers.

You can also use these sponges to make the laces from your kicks look crispy and clean again.

One expert says to remove them from the shoe and place them in a bowl of water, or for whites, bleach, and let them soak.

  • After a few minutes, use your trusty eraser sponge to scrub out anything that wasn’t lifted. Voila!

The eraser sponges from Sponge Outlet are also a great tool to restore the bottom soles of your shoes to their former glory.

Some like to keep their soles in pristine condition and won’t wear them outside if the weather conditions are bad.

When you have an eraser waiting for you at home, you can wear your shoes in rain or snow without fear. Just come home, wet your sponge and buff off anything that might have accumulated on the bottom of your shoes.